Kirsti’s Hints for New Fallen Sword Players

Welcome to one of the most fun and addictive games out there. Do feel free to message me in game (Actions – Find Player – Erish) if you’ve got any questions, and I’ll do my best to help. In the meantime, with a bunch of people coming across from Knighthood, I figured I’d put together this handy guide with advice for beginning to explore the world of Fallen Sword.

Right now, the guide covers the following area - click on a link to jump to that section.

Getting started | Killing things | After each combat | Hints and tips | Leveling up | Banking and gold | Weblinks | PvP combat

How to get started

As with Knighthood, the Wiki is a great source of information, as are the forums. But if you’re ready to just jump in, these are my suggestions:

How to kill things

After each combat

Hints and tips

Leveling up

Firstly, congratulations! You've gained a level! This should hopefully be happening relatively quickly in the early stages of the game, especially if you're one-hitting monsters, using buffs to gain xp, and using your stamina wisely.

Banking and Gold

Web Links to know

Player vs Player

Hopefully this will help you find your feet in Fallen Sword and have as much fun here as I’m having. I strongly suggest Dark Siege as a great guild to join – it’s full of KH exiles, including Mike Heffernan (Binarus), and supports adult players who want to have fun and progress quickly. You can message Binarus in game and ask to be considered for Academy training at lower levels, or apply for full membership once you hit level 40.